About Me

I am a writer who worked in Corporate America for over twenty-five years doing “unwriterly” jobs like business analysis, project management, product management, and salesforce administration.

I’m semi-retired now, which means I continue to do a bit of those unwriterly jobs to pay bills. It is my goal to replace all unwriterly jobs with writer activities.

Before life circumstances pushed me into Corporate America, I wrote historical romance under the name Holly Newman. See the navigation tab for information on those writing endeavors. In my renewed writer journey, I write mystery/romance historical fiction and contemporary mystery fiction. I am also working on non-fiction articles and books.

In mid-2019 I moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Bradenton, Florida. After thirty years in Arizona, I missed lush vegetation and the proximity to water. I’m still recovering from the move. It was hard!

Ken (my SO) and I live in a 1947 Florida bungalow with five cats who moved with us. Life is ever an adventure.